ACCO Brands Australia is committed to active strategies and programs towards environmental sustainability and awareness.

ACCO Brands Australia is committed to managing all our operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.

To meet this commitment we will ensure that:

  • all aspects of our operations comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, licence conditions and codes of practice;
  • community expectations concerning management of our operations are considered and communicated;
  • programmes for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution are established;

Packaging Covenant Action Plan

ACCO Brands Australia is a signatory to the Australian National Packaging Covenant (APC) and we are continually working with our fellow Covenant signatories and packaging suppliers to minimise the environmental impacts associated with our packaging material.

Please visit the ACCO Brands Australia Sustainability page for the latest copy of our commitments, action plans, and reports. 

e-waste recycling

In a bid to reduce the propensity to litter as well as reduce post consumer electronic waste, household and small business users are now able to recycle e-waste through designated drop-off points under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. This includes computer peripherals that we distribute through our commercial and retail network within Australia. End consumers are requested to click the link below to view the available locations for the designated ‘Drop Zones’ ( in and around their vicinity.